Quantitative Research

Validation at scale for bulletproof confidence

Confidence is critical for business growth in today’s market, and confidence comes from scale. Quant research offers the scale of statistically relevant volumes, at times expanding on the depth of qual. And it doesn’t have to be a laborious and complex beast – despite huge numbers, ImpactSense quant studies are often nimble and fast.
What we do
Surveys can often be a taboo methodology, yet innovation in research tech means quantitative studies are now far beyond their simple multiple-choice origins. We follow a strict framework for quant effectiveness that adheres to two basic principles – the quality of the sample and strength of study (that’s where our tech and study design expertise plays a big part).
We don’t just go out and get you data. We’re there every step of the way to advise you on the best tools to answer your question, and the variety of interaction options is increasing every day. Historically things that could only be achieved through qual are now possible at quant scale with the advances in technology like AI and machine learning.

Example use cases

Building confidence through empirical evidence
Validating direction of travel for a product or service
Creating audience understanding through segmentation
Reaching financial decision-makers
Breaking internal stalemates and conflicts using evidence
Sizings – both customer and market
Business casing opportunities
Quantitative usability testing
Conjoint analysis & Segmentation
Price elasticity modelling
MaxDiff studies
Concept evaluation
Industry trends reports
Decision maker studies
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