Experience Management

Only 4% know how to improve customer experience from the key CX metric they use

ImpactSense offers ReX – a radically different approach to measuring Customer Experience holistically that challenges traditional scoring methods such as NPS, and provides root causes allowing for measurable change.

We capture hundreds of data points from various sources across five categories

The perceived value based on how important, unique and well-executed the service features are vs the actual/perceived cost

Sentiment and strength of connection towards the brand, covering pride, loyalty, principles alignment, external impact, etc

The relationships between staff and customers covering how friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff are

The usability of each stage of the journey and across all channels covering simplicity, findability, achievability, desirability, speed, etc

The quantification of service failure covering how bad, how common and how well-resolved they are



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ImpactSense ReX CX tracker can help you synthesise experience metrics into actionable insight, both for the boardroom and your frontline staff
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